When I tell people that all 23 of my clients who have lost over 100lbs have done so on a high carb diet they are SHOCKED. Conventional advice says that we need to go on a low-carb, or no carb diet in order to lose weight. Many individuals have even been duped into believing that their bodies “do not respond well to carbs” and therefore they will never be able to lose weight so long as they eat carbs…this is 100% FALSE, and frankly from a human nutrition perspective, it’s absolutely outrageous. 

Let me tell you one thing that is certain about weight loss…


Our bodies then dip into our energy reserves (body fat) in order to keep thinking, moving, and just plain living. 

If the presence of carbohydrates in the diet prevented this action from happening people in 3rd world countries would never be able to starve to death because their diets are made up almost entirely of carbs (rice, bread, potatoes..basically things that don’t spoil quickly) and yet there are sadly people starving to death all over the world.


All of that being said it is important to understand not only WHY we need carbs, but how much is right for each of one us, as well as how much protein & fat we need in our diets to create the perfect balance for weight loss!

I always tell people that carbs don’t have a ceiling. What this means is that the way carbs help our bodies is something that continues to increase the more carbs we eat…things like Insulin, Leptin & Ghrelin will be affected more greatly by 200g carbs than 100g, and more by 400g than 200g..this means that we want to give ourselves AS MANY CARBS AS POSSIBLE during a weight loss phase!

So…let’s break it down simply, what’s the secret to the perfect diet?


  • Enough to synthesize new skeletal muscle tissue
  • Enough to create new antibodies that fight off infection
  • NO MORE after this. Each of these things has a CEILING.
  • Our protein synthesis rates can only process so much protein after that more is a waste..basically, we can’t make bigger muscles just because we eat more protein!
  • Our bodies can only create so many antibodies to fight off infection, after that more will do nothing..we can’t create super bodies that are immune to everything!


  • Enough to maintain healthy hormone levels
  • Enough to adequately absorb all necessary nutrients
  • NO MORE after this. Each of these things has a CEILING.
  • Our bodies will only utilize fatty acids to maintain healthy hormone levels. If we give ourselves more fats we don’t get “super hormones”
  • Our bodies only need a certain amount of fatty acids to help with the absorption of the nutrients that we need.


  • As MUCH AS WE CAN GET to help stimulate Insulin. Insulin is responsible for increasing the uptake rate of amino acids (protein building blocks) and will actually allow for us to get more out of the protein we eat.
  • As MUCH AS WE CAN GET to help stimulate Leptin. Leptin is our satiety hormone that is positively affected by the processing of carbohydrates & protein. If we can feed ourselves more carbs we can help create better levels of satiation and our bodies will maintain a higher metabolic rate because they feel as though they are being fed more!
  • As MUCH AS WE CAN GET to help suppress Ghrelin. An increase in Ghrelin responsible for that hungry feeling we get when we’re dieting. The processing of carbs helps to suppress this level and will actually help keep hunger at bay longer!

So…to sum things up…

  1. Eat enough protein to build/protect muscle & create antibodies
  2. Eat enough fats to maintain healthy hormones & absorb nutrients
  3. Dump everything else into carbs to help with: protecting metabolism, sparing muscle, and suppressing hunger. 

Remember, we love carbs because they DON’T HAVE A CEILING!