At 19 years old I was diagnosed as pre-diabetic. I had struggled with my weight my entire life and my lifestyle as a semi-pro gamer during high school hadn’t helped things. I remember I had not weighed myself in over a year because I didn’t want to face it, but I knew I was gaining week by week.

When I finally ended up going to the doctor for a bad cold they told me I had gained another 80lbs since the last time they weighed me a year ago and they wanted to run some bloodwork to see if I had a thyroid problem. 

When the bloodwork came back they didn’t find any thyroid problems but they did find out that I was on my way to being a full blown diabetic, and if something didn’t change I would likely be there before I turned 25. 

I knew I had to make a change. At the time my only two passions in life were video games & cooking. So much so that I already began taking culinary classes and had my sights set on becoming a chef. However, after being diagnosed as pre-diabetic and having to face my struggle with binge eating disorder head on I decided it was time for me to change those plans. 

I enrolled in the Dietetics program at Arizona State University and started working towards becoming a Registered Dietitian, the highest title you can achieve in the nutritional field. After about 3 years at ASU I was nearing the end of my degree and I had already dropped over 100LBS. I was beginning to realize I just wanted to help others do the same thing with their own lives, gain that same sense of control back in their lives!

It became apparent that working as an RD in a hospital writing meals plans for individuals on dialysis or facing advanced disease was not the best way to do this. It was that year I decided to add on another degree in Exercise Science. I wanted to be able to gain the same understanding of exercise that I now had of nutrition.

Skip forward another 3  years of school and  I was finishing up my degree in Exercise Science. I couldn’t wait to start helping people and started my business the day I graduated. I immediately began working with overweight and obese individuals looking to accomplish the same thing I had! My own struggles and challenges I had overcome related to my weight coupled with my background in Human Nutrition that I had gained during my Dietetics degree allowed me to offer a unique evidence-based transformation program to people who had run out of hope!

To this day I have helped 23 individuals lose over 100LBS and keep it off! In total my clients have lost over 12,000LBS and one of my biggest points of pride is the fact that so many of them are continuing to make progress each day well beyond their original goal!

I honestly feel like I have cracked the code to overcome the common struggles with weight loss and feel incredibly fortunate that I have been given the platform to be able to share it with as many people as possible. 

Struggling with your weight is not something you have to live with…regardless of genetics, lifestyle factors, or anything else I truly believe that I have created something that has the potential to help even most hopeless of yo-yo dieters finally reach their goal, and more importantly maintain that weight for the rest of their life!

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