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Precise Formulas + Exact Blueprints

The exact formulas I used to lose 130lbs & keep it off for 7 years. Adapted to work for each and every person on the planet!

Science-Backed Nutrition

Evidence-based nutrition that teaches you how to eat for your body in a way that is sustainable and enjoyable! No Tilapia & Asparagus here!

Plateau-Busting Strategies

Strategies for those times when nothing seems to be working. Multiple strategies for busting through plateaus using tweaks to your training & nutrition!

Matt's Personal Tips & Tricks

Some of my own personal tips & tricks that have been life-savers on my own journey. As well as some things I have picked up along the way working with thousands of weight loss clients!

Hear From Matt

I wrote this e-book for people who want to lose weight but don’t know where to start...The information within The Matt Hoodie Diet will give you ALL of the tools you need to start, and more importantly finish, your own transformation..using the tips, tricks & formulas that have helped me the most!


Frequently Asked Questions

If I’m Just Getting Started With My Transformation Will This Book Help?

People getting started on their transformation or looking to break through a plateau actually get the most out of this book! I specifically wrote this with the intention of someone being able to start, work through, and complete their entire transformation with the information inside, whether you need to lose 10lbs or 100lbs!

Can I ask Matt Questions After I buy?

While the tips, tricks & formulas contained in this book are designed to be used by the reader themself, anyone who purchases The Matt Hoodie Diet e-book will get access to the private Matt Hoodie Fitness Facebook Group where I regularly upload recipes, answer questions & help those who are already working on their transformation using my tools!

How Soon Will I Get My Order?

You will receive your full e-book along with an invite to the Matt Hoodie Fitness Facebook Group via email immediately after your purchase. If you have any questions before you buy don’t hesitate to submit them here on the site or message me directly on any social media platform @MattHoodie