Does More Sweat Equal More Calories?

Stemming largely from the phrase “BURNING calories” the idea that the more you sweat, or the hotter you are, the more calories you burn is one that has falsely survived for far too long…

…the reality is that our body temperature has very little to do with how many calories we burn

…in actuality, placing us in a colder environment which forces our body to CREATE heat actually burns more calories than a regular, or overly hot one (this has been evidenced by numerous studies which force individuals to work all day in offices set to 45-50 degrees!! and end up seeing a slight increase in calories burned)

So next time you decide to go for a hike in 100 degree temps or put your hoodie on before you do cardio thinking that you’re going to get a little something extra out of it you might want to second guess yourself and make sure it’s really worth it!

All you’re doing is temporarily dehydrating yourself and while that might provide you with a leaner look in the moment, it’s not worth it in the long run!