In this article you can find some key bullet points to common myths the fitness industry repeats.

1. Eating frequently DOES NOT boost metabolism

We have studied individuals who eat 6 times a day, 1 time a day, 3 times a day & always see the same effect on metabolism. Your Metabolic Rate is NOT something that changes hour by hour, it takes weeks or even months of consistent habits to have an effect on metabolic rate

2. Eating late at night DOES NOT lead to weight gain

Meal Timing is irrelevant as long as your macronutrient composition within each 24-hour period is the same

3. Eating breakfast DOES NOT “kickstart” your metabolism for the day

Skipping breakfast is perfectly OKAY, your metabolism adjusts over months & months of hormonal changes, NOT hours.

4. Drinking a protein shake immediately after your workout DOES NOT improve muscle recovery

Protein Synthesis Rates are actually elevated to the same degree for HOURS following a training session.

5. A High Carb Diet DOES NOT cause any more fat gain than a Low Carb Diet on the same calories

Weight Loss is determined by the number of calories you take in vs. the number you burn. Any other changes to fat, muscle, etc are brought about by the macronutrient composition of those calories, but weight loss is 100% dependent on TOTAL CALORIES.

STOP LISTENING to repeated information from trainers without backing from SCIENCE STUDIES.


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